Arcana Mega Bundle

For the last 10 years Avalon has been releasing our fantasy RPG setting, Arcana.  Over that time we have release well over 100 products detailing this grand fantasy world of high adventure and deep magical lore.

Thats a lot for someone interested in the setting , but who has not been involved from the start.

Well Avalon, in celebration of the release of the 100th Arcana Journal, is now offering the Arcana Mega Bundle.

Inside you will find the following PDFs.

The Core Book detailing the world and its rich history.

The two Regional Books, the Northlands and the Western Reaches.

The three City Books, each detailing the three great cities of the lands.

All of the Realm Books, some 12 in total

All 100 issues of the Arcana Journals, each issue offering details histories, regional descriptions and adventure sites.

Normally all of this would cost you over $350 on the listed price of these products.

Avalon, in the hopes you will love this gaming world as much as we do, is offering the Mega Bundle for a cool $50.  Thats over a $300 savings.

Jump into a world of magic, excitement and deep history with Avalon Games Arcana

Arcana Realms, Piannith

A realm on the edge of the wild southern plains, it holds many old grudge with the realm of Mithniera, as the two are constant rivals for control of the western trade out of the east.

The southern most realm in the west, Piannith has a short, but bloody history.  The realm began with the fall of the Tharm Empire and the civil wars that raged about the region after central control of the lands faltered.  Many old hates, ambitions and feuds flared up, and one of these was the ancient feud between Marth and Durnina.  The two noble lines have had an ongoing hate for each other that goes back to times before the Tharn rule.  After the fall of the empire the rivalry resurfaced and flared into war.  This bloody battle

continued till both sides where forced to stop their armed conflict by the other barons of the region.  From this gathering of lords came the new kingdom of Piannith.


The realm began as a gathering of local lords but elected king soon gathered and consolidated his control and the crown grew in power.  This ended with the rebellion of the baron of Durnina and his allies.  The war that waged then brought down the current king and installed a new one in the form of the royal line of Kunnina.  Durnina was stripped of most of its lands and all but its control of the town of Thargmor.  This of course did not last long and the current baron enjoys strong influence within the realm once more.

King Festor Kunnina took the reins of power with sure hands and settles many feuds and problems with a swift and iron hand.  The realm continued to proposer, fighting back barbarian raids out of the south and  goblin attacks from the hills about the mountains, but all in all the realm grew and did well.

Recent wars with Mithniera over control of the Red Bridge have brought the realm low once more and the king rants about retaking what once was rightfully his.


It will be up for sale this month  😉

Fan content for Arcana

Been some time since I offered this up, but it came up again this weekend.


We here at Avalon are always looking for folks to add to the setting, and have offered player and fan generated content in the journals over the years.  Some examples have been coins or the realms, house swords and some other fun stuff.  If you even generate anything and think it would be fun to add to the system, drop us a line and we might add it to a journal.


This of course also goes for any of our games and products, and have had fans offer up all sorts of good stuff over the years. We have even hired a few to re-work old games and to make them new again.

Arcana Updated

Well as we are fast approaching 100 issues of the Arcana Journals, we thought it best to go back through everything and do some updates.  I have spent all summer editing all of the issues as well as all of the realms and regional source books.  I have also tried to make sure every thing is formatted the same thought out the product line and we added new filler art.  Everything is all done, and I will start updating the files here on a few weeks.  I don’t want to swamp everyone with 100 plus updated files, so we will do a few every week or two until they are all released.


So if you love Arcana, well there is more reason to love it even more now.

Arcana 2014

Working on new Arcana for 2014 this summer.  This coming year will see us focus on different baron’s, their lands and goodies, as well as look at the Magi of the past, common dress of the different lands and people.  We will also be working up new maps for the different towns as well as more information of the different shops and people of each.


Some good stuff coming next year….



Avalon Games

New hair duo

Updated the look of the web page a little bit. I needed some room on the front to promote our Print partners. We will be adding some new partners soon so I thought it was time. I also update the category logos on our site and started to do so on One books.

Mean time I got a bunch of work done on new Avalon Pathfinder stuff, and begun the formating work on new Arcana stuff.

We are also talking about a mirror site for One book, have to see what it all will take, but that might be a nice addition to things.

Arcana Lives?

Well we may have jump the gun a bit on killing off Arcana. Seems in the last month or so sells have picked up. Not a huge amount, but more then we were seeing before. So we may keep going with the series, might not be as much coming out next year as we had planned, but i think we will keep the journals going, about one a month instead of the one every three weeks.

Realm books and regional books we will have to see, as they take some time to put together.

Still if sales continue to improve then we will keep it all going, so if you love Arcana, spread the word.

At the same time I think we will go ahead and get the whole product line proofread. We had held off on doing this as it was going to cost a fair bit of money and i wanted to see how it all sold first. As its made more then enough to pay for the proofreading now we will do it and make the products already out better, as they all need some proofing.

What’s What this Week

Well it was a good week over all, still getting over my cold, so all week I have been trying of cough up a lung. Still I got some stuff done, mostly did up the layout work on three Arcana Realms products, Borden, Glasborg and Ithengar. I will try to get the dwarfs done next week and then write up the southlands source book.

Also got some new clip art sets done, drows, two full sets, and some artwork for a few others. Time to think about what sets will be going out next year and getting the artwork ready.

Humm, also hit on a great idea for Game Geek this week. I thought it might be cool to do an artist spotlight, sort of show off some art and the artist, give them some free space on game geek in return we get to add some cool art. Got two for sure and o=another one on the hook. Ended up getting some great art for free this way. I think it will be an every other month sort of thing for now.

Also finally wrote up a business plan and five-year goal, we will see what William thinks of it and then put it all into action.

Well that’s about it for now.

Work, Work, Work

Work , Work, Work, seems that’s all I do, Work on games. Course I love it even though I bitch all the time about it. I have the two weeks over the holidays off, so of course I have spent it working. Got some Arcana stuff done, the Northlands, and the source books for Shorenborg and Miulithor all done. Should have two more finished by the end of this week, Borden and Nudia