Great New Stuff this Month

We have some great new stuff out this month.  Here is a sample of a few of them.


We have a new series of HWM products this year, Feat book set to a class.  Out first is the feat book for the Acrobat class.  Inside you will find 20 feats geared towards those high flyers.

Acrobat Feat Thumb


Of course no Month would be complete without for IF for our Sci-Fi fans.  We have a great new IF threat book out this month, jump into your space suit and go find some adventure.


Space Hab Thumb

If you have not yet tried it, our Counter Wars system is a great gem of a game system.  Play it anywhere, just like a table top miniature game, but without the cost, and all the little toys.  This month we have the Forest Barbarians for you to beat you foe with.

Counter Wars Green Bar Thumb

As always have a seat at the round table of fun with Avalon Games.

Great New Product Lines are Here

We have some great new stuff coming out this year, such as Avalon hazards and Avalon Lairs.


Avalon hazards offers s short, but fun little challenge for your players, something that may or may not be dangerous, but will offer a fun opportunity for excitement.


Avalon Lairs is a short Adventure site, a lair, of some monster or bad guys.  Need an adventure real fast, but don’t want to have to read a book length description, well we have the right balance of adventure and information and stats.


What is in the Pipeline….

Here is a brief update to on what Avalon has been doing and our product pipeline…

1. Finished the tarot deck project.
2. About half way done with a poker deck set of cards.
3. Finished the draft rewrite of all the battle axe cards and worked up a sample deck of pod cards. Will get proof of those cards set up.  Once I get that proof back I will complete the work on the 2nd edition of that product line and have all of the cards ready for pod.
4. Completes Arcana journals (12 issues) for 2017.
5. Have all the artwork done for Scortched Earth and will begin layout for a first of the year release.
6. Have one more issue of Avalon Lairs to be written by Maria and then I will get those 12 issues laid out for a first of the year release.
7. Have all 12 issues of Avalon Hazards laid up and ready for first of the year release.
8. Have three of the six HWM feat books written, waiting for the last three and then will work them up for a release next year. Also have three new HWM character books worked up with seven more to be written by Jennifer P.  All of this will be released in 2017.
9. Have space pirates and star marshals worked up for IF, and have several new threat books in the works for release next year.  I also have art done for several origin books for IF, and 12 spaceship deck plans ready for release next year.  This will put us in a good place when Pazio releases their sci fi version of Pathfinder.

Future projects we want to look into…
1. Start putting out some 5d D&D products.  Convert some Pazio products into 5d.
2. Look to put out a 5d D&D version of HWM and IF.
3. Start to build pages for some sort of comic, be it a web comic, or PDF.  Look at ways to get it into a for profit product. (Sell on drive thru comics, comicolgy and maybe pod)
4. Set up a Patreon campaign.

Stuff I need to do when I find the time…
1. Get the Hero version of Avenger’s traveler stuff ready for release.  Have it all written, just need the time to work it up into a product for release.
2. Work on Quest of Heroes solo mini game system and a few adventures.
3. Complete the rewrite of Dark Dungeon.
4. Finish up some artwork projects I started but never completed.
5. Finish the second volume of my novel. (First one is written and the second volume is about half done)
6. Learn to play the guitar.
7. Lose weight and get to two miles a day on my walk. Up to 1 and 1/4 now.
8. Finish Ramsey’s and Aaron’s card games. (Both are written but have no art or been laid up.)

IF Threats, The Tealnik

The Tealnik are an old-fashioned people, and one who fiercely believes in a strongly decentralized government. They are constantly fighting one another in ancient family feuds, duels of honor, and wars of aggression. Though they are isolationists who are uncomfortable interacting with members of other species, the Tealnik readily venture far into the Fringe in order to find dangerous beasts to hunt and worthy forces to battle with in order to further increase their personal honor. Their worlds are an old-world mixture of teeming cities, vast rural tracts, and heavily restricted wilderness areas (hunting preserves).


In the vastness of space, few will ever see a Tealnik, and those few that do, they will never see them coming.


This is up for sale now, so don’t wait, get a copy today.

Arcana Realms, Piannith

A realm on the edge of the wild southern plains, it holds many old grudge with the realm of Mithniera, as the two are constant rivals for control of the western trade out of the east.

The southern most realm in the west, Piannith has a short, but bloody history.  The realm began with the fall of the Tharm Empire and the civil wars that raged about the region after central control of the lands faltered.  Many old hates, ambitions and feuds flared up, and one of these was the ancient feud between Marth and Durnina.  The two noble lines have had an ongoing hate for each other that goes back to times before the Tharn rule.  After the fall of the empire the rivalry resurfaced and flared into war.  This bloody battle

continued till both sides where forced to stop their armed conflict by the other barons of the region.  From this gathering of lords came the new kingdom of Piannith.


The realm began as a gathering of local lords but elected king soon gathered and consolidated his control and the crown grew in power.  This ended with the rebellion of the baron of Durnina and his allies.  The war that waged then brought down the current king and installed a new one in the form of the royal line of Kunnina.  Durnina was stripped of most of its lands and all but its control of the town of Thargmor.  This of course did not last long and the current baron enjoys strong influence within the realm once more.

King Festor Kunnina took the reins of power with sure hands and settles many feuds and problems with a swift and iron hand.  The realm continued to proposer, fighting back barbarian raids out of the south and  goblin attacks from the hills about the mountains, but all in all the realm grew and did well.

Recent wars with Mithniera over control of the Red Bridge have brought the realm low once more and the king rants about retaking what once was rightfully his.


It will be up for sale this month  😉