Adventures of Gadget Girl, Featuring Mighty Mindy

Issue 13:

Mobs Thugs

“So we are just going to go in and take them down, right?” Mindy asked as she and Tucker walked down the hall to her training room.


“Well, more or less,” he opened the door for the two of them, “Just because we got that tip you wrangled out of that thug doesn’t mean it’s going to be accurate.”


“But it could lead to something bigger?” Mindy persisted as she walked over to the magnetic weight-lifting equipment the company had installed for her. She could lift a car over her head these days, her capabilities expanding along with her strength-building routine.


“Yes, it could lead to something big.” Tucker said more to himself as he left her to make a call to his boss.




“It was unfortunate that she fell into the information about the shipment, but once she had her nose on the trail, she just did not give it up.” Tucker explained to his boss over the phone.


“No matter,” the voice articulated without emotion. “It was not a disaster, and we were able to get most of the shipment into the city by other means.”


“And the mobsters that she caught…what about them?”


“We willget them released soon enough,” the voice affirmed just before hanging up.


We completed the last of the missions for the Mini-Mission book and Mindy came out doing just fine. She and Bounce took out the mob thugs and gained some more Exp. and goodies.


Mighty Mindy

Brick, Level 2

Mutant, Large


EXP: 6,725


Init: +1

AC: 14 (+2 natural)

Hps: 29

Base Attack: +1

Fort: +7 Reflex: +1 Will: +0

Melee: Fist +10 (1D3+9)

Special Defense: DR 2 / –


Str 27 (+9), Dex 13 (+2), Con 16 (+4), Int 10 (+0), Wis 10 (+0), Chr 12 (+1)


Powers: Growth (2, Always On), Invulnerability (1), Super Strength (2)


Class Features: Extreme Effort, +1 Attribute (Con), 1 Power Point (Super Strength)


Feats: Oversized Throw, Super Lift


Skills: Intimidation 1 (+8), Perception 1 (+1), Power Activation 1 (+0) and Stealth 1 (+2)


Flavor and Flaws: Gullible and Sponsored


Special: (2 RPs +1)

Combat Suit (+2 AC), Night Vision Goggles (Dark Vision)


Issue 1: Born in an Explosion

Issue 2: Corporate Super Hero

Issue 3: Mindy helps out the Professor

Issue 4: Day at the Mall

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Issue 7: Car Theft #2

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Issue 12: Plans are Made

Issue 13: Mobs Thugs



Reputation: 6
Go Gooder:

Mob: 3

Street Thug: 1

Law and Order: 4

Personal Life: 3 (Pam 3)


Hero Points: 1


Hero Allies:
Gadget Girl:

Bethany the Witch: 2

Bounce: 3


The Goblin:

The Hood: 1

Lefty: 1

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