Converting Pathfinder HWM into 5e D&D

With the release this week of the 5e D&D version of Heroes Wear Masks I thought we should look at some of the design choices. For the most point converting HWM Pathfinder into 5e D&D was not all that hard. 5e D&D system is a bit more simple then Pathfinder, but overall the systems are more of less the same.


Two rules that did not convert as well was Hardness and Damage Reduction. While both are covered in 5e D&D, they are for the most part very simple systems. The choice became, how do we convert them into the new system and should we. In the end both Hardness and DR are used a lot, especially in the Powers book, so we had to have them in the new edition for 5e D&D. The second question then was to either switch to the more simple system that 5e D&D offered, or stay with the old Pathfinder system, or even come up with something new.


With Hardness we sort of made a hybrid of the two systems. Now you use Hardness +10 as the object’s overall Armor Class, and keep the hit points the same. You have to Hit the object first, and then you can do damage to it directly. The thought being that while you can grab and bash at the object all you want, to do it any harm you have to get past it’s basic toughness. Once you have done that you can damage the object in question. This sort of combines in some ways both systems, but made it usable.


DR on the other hand, in 5e D&D is just that you take ½ damage for that sort of attack, while in Pathfinder it reduces the damage you take from attacks. The 5e D&D system did not allow for the DR to increase in use, as it does in the Power book, so we just kept it the same in the new version. Best to allow characters to grow in power was the thought, and the old DR system allowed for that.


Overall the conversion from Pathfinder to 5e D&D was not all that hard and it has allowed me a real handle of the new D&D system. We for sure are converting IF to 5e D&D and may also offer up some of our other Pathfinder stuff.

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