IF Threats part 2

Ki3-S-X (devil-girl droid)                                        CR 2

A droid designed for those of a certain “discerning” taste.


Type Medium electromagnetic

Tech Level VII

Cost 50,000; Maintenance & Fuel c3000cr (depending on wear and rest cycles allowed)

Init +1

Senses blindsense, darkvision; Perception +0




AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+1 Dex, +5 natural)

hp 2d10+20

Fort +0, Ref +1, Will -1

Resistances none

Immunities death effects, disease, charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, morale effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, death from massive damage

DR 2/magnetic

Vulnerabilities magnetic




Speed 20 ft.

Melee slap +5 (1d6+4) or tail whip +1 (1d4+3, range 10ft.)

Ranged none

Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft., 10ft with tail whip

Special Attacks none




Str 18, Dex 12, Con -, Int 18, Wis 6, Chr 15

Base Attack +1, CMB +5, CMD 15 (11 vs. trip)

Feats Red Eye Glare

Skills Computer Use +8, Knowledge (psychology) +5, Linguistics +5, Perception +2; Racial Modifiers +4 Computer Use

Languages Galactic Standard and a dozen other languages




Environment manufactured

Organization solitary

Treasure high tech parts




The Ki3-S-X droid (commonly pronounced Kissex Droid, aka the Devil-Girl Sexoid) is an android designed for clientele of a certain taste. It is an early model of such droids, notably lacking in both feature list and immersion. However, no other company except the Keepers has catered to this particular desire in such detail and in such robust eagerness to please. And thus, while the Ki3-S-X could easily be surpassed in its duties by a well-designed modern droid, no one has even attempted to do so. And the story that the Ki3-S-X was made for is long since buried in the past, and thus the end result of a new droid wouldn’t be quite the same anyway – modern designers just wouldn’t interpret the story in the same way. Which is why, amongst this small circle of devotees, the Ki3-S-X is still legendary. It is so even if this circle are now only but a few elderly men clinging to an ancient tome no longer published or praised outside of their little circle.


A number of cultures have tales of demonic creatures with feminine qualities and a dark temper, and certain individuals within these cultures have always been attracted to these creatures, tales though they might be. With the advent of androids, though, fulfilling such fantasies is no longer a thing of costumes and pretend. An entire realm can be fashioned wholecloth that has such creatures dwelling within it, and thus such fantasists can live out the entire tale before their own eyes, instead of just pretending. Such recreations cost more than a trifle, of course, but there are those willing to pay any price to fulfill their fantasies.


Of course, in this the age of the biomod, an actual creature could be fashioned to fulfill the fantasy even more compellingly, as well. And most creatures of Dreamland were bio-engineered in just such a manner, and for that very reason. However, with certain creatures, the cost and difficulty of bio-blending a creature with the right attributes and the right psyche to offer the appearance of that storyland creature, all built around the right mannerisms and actions that will make the creature seem real – that becomes a task of monumental proportions, and consequently monumental costs.


A living demonic creature with the proper mix of desires and playfulness is not so easy a thing to produce on command out of a heap of genetic material. With such cases, where the necessary attributes are just not to be found in nature, it is far easier to stretch some bioskin over an android to the desired physicality, and then program in the desired behaviors to the exact desired detail. Because, after all, a computer does not resist a command that goes against biologic necessity, since there is no biology within it.


An early android design, Ki3-S-X’s have little programming outside of their area of expertise – that expertise primarily including entertaining, waitressing, and the performance of certain “demonic” rituals. Now that tourists no longer come to Dreamland, the Ki3-S-Xs have largely lost the purpose to which they were designed, and so they listlessly wander around their dome, cleaning and maintaining it as they have been programmed to do, even as their dome slowly collapses around them (since their maintenance programming does not include the mechanical side of dome maintenance). They were not programmed with desires, so now they are essentially without purpose or compass. Few Ki3-S-Xs ever achieve true sentience, and even when they do, it is often a difficult and stunted process to enlightenment. The end results are often a sentient creature as twisted and demonic as the stories the Ki3-S-Xs were built to represent.


Cities As a basic entertainment droid, the Ki3-S-Xs do not built cities, nor anything else for that matter. Even when gaining sentience, learning crafting skills isn’t something that’s particularly high on their to-do list. For the most part, Ki3-S-Xs dwell in the buildings of the Keepers, their makers, though they can exist in just about any building anywhere. They need very little in order to continue to exist – or perhaps it would be better to say, “ to continue to run.” They only difficulty they have is finding recharge stations and repair bays, as well as creatures that can repair them when damaged. With the Keepers gone and no more tourists visiting Dreamland, this is an ever increasing issue amongst the Ki3-S-Xs. But most of them lack the sentience to do more than clinically register the need for repair and to go and sit in the local repair bay for a while, waiting; they lack the drive to actively seek out a way to save themselves that lies outside their basic programming.


Technology Despite being fairly advanced droids for their time, Ki3-S-Xs are programmed with almost no technological ability. They do have an affinity for learning such skills, though, if they ever gain sentience, and they do lead very long lives – theoretically infinite if they find a way to stay under repair.


Common Armaments – As a machine built for “entertainment” purposes, the Ki3-S-Xs don’t come with weapons, as such. However, they are capable of a slap as a part of their entertainment programming, and, if the safety protocols are removed, this slap can be used as a somewhat effective weapon. Their tails can also be used as a whip which, again, if the safety protocols are removed, can be put to some use in combat. However, without alteration to their core programming and basic computer structure, a Ki3-S-X will never be an effective combatant, being incapable of wielding or even learning the uses of any other other weapons. Not that the physical construction of their hands and hooves would allow them to effectively wield most normal weapons anyway, even if their computer matrices were to be rebuilt.


Tactics – Ki3-S-Xs are an entertainment droid, and thus they have no programming for combat. While their safety protocols can be removed, thus allowing them to do effective damage, they still will not fight with any specific battle tactics or organization. They are an intelligent creature and can follow orders, and they can even learn orders, but they cannot learn the reasoning behind the orders – at least, not without a massive reworking of their neural network. And so, without someone there to constantly give them commands, their tactics will remain rudimentary, at best.




Blindsense (Ex) Utilizing a form of mechanical echolocation, the creature can locate all creatures within range of its blindsense ability, as long as it has line of effect to that creature. It need not make any Perception checks to discover such creatures, sensing them as fully and as easily as if the creature were standing there in plain sight of regular vision. The creature must be able to make its echolocation “scream” in order to receive the benefits of its blindsense ability. The echolocation scream is outside of the range of hearing of most bipedal beings; however, it is audible to a number of four-legged animals.


There are, of course, ways of evading echolocation, especially wherever there is access to advanced technology.


Darkvision (Ex) The ability to see with no light source at all, out to a range of 120 ft. Colors cannot be discerned with darkvision; it is black and white vision only. It is also not heat-based vision. It does not allow creatures to see anything that they could not see otherwise — invisible things remain invisible. The presence of light does not spoil darkvision.


Fingerless (Ex) While this creature does have fingers, they are not of a length or a jointedness to allow them to finely manipulate tools, thus preventing them from such tasks as painting or writing. (Though they have specifically been designed to allow for cupping and stroking.) In addition to preventing them from a number of mundane tasks, this construction prevents such creatures from wielding most weapons, including any gun that utilizes a grip or a trigger (ie, most of them). A wrist-mounted gun with a push-button trigger would work for such creatures, though.


Hooved (Ex) Despite being a bipedal creature, the creature has hooves instead of feet. This construction means that the creature is unsure of their footing, making it very easy for them to trip and fall, or to be tripped (already factored in), while also slowing their base movement. And they take these disadvantages without the normal counterbalancing advantage of being able to gallop that a hooved creature of four legs gains.


Language Chip Slots (Ex) As an entertainment droid, Ki3-S-Xs are designed with a certain amount of adaptability. One of those adaptabilities is languages: They come pre-programmed knowing a number of languages. However, despite their linguistic versatility, that number is far from sufficient in comparison to the number of languages encounterable within the Fringe. In order to compensate for that fact, the Ki3-S-Xs are built with a dozen computer language chip slots, a half-dozen in each horn. The slots are located on the backside of the horn, with individual coverings sliding open when pressed on in their right way, so allowing a new chip to be inserted, thus instantly granting the Ki3-S-X “knowledge” of a new language. Of course, any chip that is removed causes them to lose knowledge of the associated language. In other words, knowledge granted by the chips isn’t stored in the regular brain.


Red Eyes (Ex) As a part of their “devil” design, Ki3-S-Xs are built with yellow-red eyes that glow with an inner light. While unimportant in most situations, the intensity of the glow can be increased at will, which can be a little unnerving (see Red Eye Glare below), but also provides a light source at the intensity of a candle flame. Notable, though, this is a red light source, which can have certain natural effects.


Red Eye Glare: When Ki3-S-Xs increase the wattage in their glowing red eyes, the sight can be unnerving to a number of different humanoids. While active, the Ki3-S-Xs can spend a movement action to fix a target with her eyes, and that target immediately becomes unnerved for the rest of the round. The target must be able to see and can’t have their back to the Ki3-S-X for this effect to work. Simply avoiding the Ki3-S-X’s gaze does not make a character immune to this effect, and once the unnerving is in effect, simply turning their back will not remove the effect (turning your back on an unnerving creature is not the way to remove fear of it).




Ki3-S-X’s Harness

Type battery mechanical device

Range self

Battery Life 1 week on a charge

Interference high magnetic, emp blasts

Description As easily may be observed, Ki3-S-Xs typically do not wear much in the way of clothing – as befits their particular design paradigm. Being droids of a certain programming, they actually don’t have any compunctions about wearing clothing at all, but due to the strictures of those they entertain, the Ki3-S-Xs must pretend to a type of modesty which they do not actually share.


The Keepers who designed them did not want to waste the space of clothing, though, and so they developed the Ki3-S-X Harness. Typically, an android has to recharge its batteries at a rate similar to that of a human’s sleep cycle. The Ki3-S-X Harness acts as an extension battery, however. While wearing the harness on full charge, a Ki3-S-X can go for a full week without the need to recharge its battery. Thus, it will be fully awake and alert for the entirety of that week. What’s more, the harness can be removed and charged separately from the Ki3-S-X. While it typically requires 24 hours to fully charge a Ki3-S-X Harness, the Ki3-S-X can exist on her own power for that period, and then plug in the newly charged Harness, and so go on for another full week. After which, both the Harness’s and the droid’s energy will be exhausted.




Abilities Str +4, Int +4, Chr +2, Con NA, Wis -6

Speed 20 ft.

Natural Weapons slap (d6) or tail whip (d4 + Reach)

Racial Modifiers +4 Computer Use

Special Abilities blindsense, darkvision, fingerless, hooved, language chip slots, natural AC +5, red eyes

Immunities death effects, disease, charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, morale effects, paralysis, poison, sleep, stun, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, death from massive damage

DR 2/magnetic

Vulnerabilities magnetic

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