Arcana Mega Bundle

For the last 10 years Avalon has been releasing our fantasy RPG setting, Arcana.  Over that time we have release well over 100 products detailing this grand fantasy world of high adventure and deep magical lore.

Thats a lot for someone interested in the setting , but who has not been involved from the start.

Well Avalon, in celebration of the release of the 100th Arcana Journal, is now offering the Arcana Mega Bundle.

Inside you will find the following PDFs.

The Core Book detailing the world and its rich history.

The two Regional Books, the Northlands and the Western Reaches.

The three City Books, each detailing the three great cities of the lands.

All of the Realm Books, some 12 in total

All 100 issues of the Arcana Journals, each issue offering details histories, regional descriptions and adventure sites.

Normally all of this would cost you over $350 on the listed price of these products.

Avalon, in the hopes you will love this gaming world as much as we do, is offering the Mega Bundle for a cool $50.  Thats over a $300 savings.

Jump into a world of magic, excitement and deep history with Avalon Games Arcana

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