Company with a Soul

Avalon likes to consider itself a company with a soul. With that in mind we sometimes give stuff away, or do charitable offerings. As an art teacher I get to see a lot of talented students come my way. Some of them though, just cannot afford to buy art supplies, which are always over price. We had such a girl come though this year, and as the only way to become a better artist is to make art, Avalon did a $200 dollar donation for her. We bought her a bunch of paints, an art box, easel, canvas, brushed and a lot of other art goodies. She was over whelmed I think and broke down into tears. She though will make some wonderful art with it and may well get a full ride scholarship next year.


Anyways, if you have information on a good cause or something we can help out with, ley us know. Avalon is always happy to help out.

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