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 Post subject: Welcome To Nova Roma
PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:19 pm 

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Welcome To Nova Roma

“This bicycle is, in actuality, a gun,” screamed a man wearing a mask and bicycle shorts “In the past people have expressed skepticism at this premise and so, rather than go through all of that again, I invite you to pay close attention.”

With that, the man aimed the fully-automatic bicycle and fired a ten round burst at a nearby security guard. The unobtainium-coated bullets would have blown straight through the guard’s Kevlar body armor, and made for a very suitable demonstration of the bicycle’s power, had not Anne-Laure Lafleur instinctively interjected herself. Outrunning the bullets, Anne-Laure swatted them out of the air with one hand, spilling sparks.

Anne-Laure, known in her home country of Acadia as the superheroine Fleur-de-Lys, had moved to Nova Roma to hone her skills and learn from the myriad superheroes and villains who gathered here. She had incorrectly assumed she would have time to open a bank account and rent an apartment first. Now here she was using her powers with no mask in plain view of an entire bank and, oh, great, security cameras.

Anne-Laure’s arm was smoking, but unharmed. The sleeve of her top would never be the same, but sometimes you had to make sacrifices for the greater good. While she didn’t have her colors to really strike fear into the hearts of the bank robbers, catching bullets always makes an impression. The robbers just stared for a moment, unsure of what to do.

There were three robbers in total, four if you counted the bulldog on the tricycle which Anne-Laure did. You never know when tricycle dog is going to have superpowers. Anne-Laure wasn’t going to make that mistake twice. They all wore bike helmets, but were otherwise unarmoured. Assuming they didn’t have any firepower more potent than weaponized bicycles she figured she could take them out without anyone getting hurt, fashion-numb bank robbers included.

“Ha!” said the man who had fired the shots “She’s no superhero. She doesn’t even have a costume. She’s no match for…”

Relieved that they once again understood what to do, the other two members assumed their poses on either side of their leader. The dog, thrilled to be a part of things, took the position it had been trained to take.

“The Bicycle Gang!” they said in unison.

Anne-Laure was already too fast for them, and wasting time with choreography didn’t help. She knocked out all four members, mid-pose, and twisted their bicycle weapons into makeshift handcuffs. By the time they knew what hit them, the robbers were under control. Everyone, from the bank employees to the costumers, returned to their business almost in unison. The ordeal was already forgotten.

Anne-Laure thought it was still a good idea to leave the bank anyway. If she was to have any hope of preserving her secret identity after this she would have to make herself scarce and fast. She didn’t get far. The guard she saved reported her for an uncostumed display of superpowers, and when G.E.N.I.U.S. pulled her file they found that Fleur-de-Lys did not have a New Roman vigilante’s licence (having not had time yet to fill out the many Latin forms required to obtain one). Within seconds of Anne-Laure leaving the bank, a team of G.E.N.I.U.S. vigilante-hunters had been deployed to her location via an experimental high-powered rocket tube.

The two besuited agents landed with a thump about a block from Anne-Laure and spotted her immediately. She turned to see what the noise was and they were upon her in an instant.

The larger of the two agents, a man, moved with speed that nearly matched Anne-Laure’s. This surprised her enough that she was unable to dodge the man’s punch, and had to block it. The power of the agent’s punch colliding with Anne-Laure’s resistance caused a radiation of force almost like an explosion, making the air ripple. Anne-Laure slid standing upright along the asphalt while the agent flew through the air in the opponent direction.

The agent righted himself in the air and landed on his feet. He was fast, but Anne-Laure was faster. He had already lost visual contact with the target.

“Over there,” called out his partner, but her warning came too late.

Anne-Laure came leaping behind the agent and landed five hard kicks before hitting the ground with her hands and cartwheeling away from his retaliatory strike. She moved so fast that already she was out of his sight again, before she came crashing into his left side with an elbow to the kidneys. Unfortunately for Anne-Laure, while her opponent had four kidneys, none of them in the same place as humans. Anne-Laure had planned on having more time to move out of range and this time the agent was able to grab her by the head with one hand and smash it into the pavement.

Lying in the pothole created by her face, Anne-Laure began to take stock. This guy was strong, really strong, the kind of strong that could become a problem. She wished she at least knew who these people were, but she was still unfamiliar with the local supers. Anne-Laure decided that the best idea was to escape and regroup. It was never a good idea to let yourself get sucked into a fight with insufficient information.

Anne-Laure leapt to her feet and dodged three immediate attacks from the male agent. She spun around to the opposite side of his field of vision and leapt, but something held her and she slammed onto the ground. Anne-Laure turned her head and saw two strands of a thin, flat, red, sticky substance wrapped around her feet and connected to the arms of the female agent. She had been so involved in her fight with the male agent she forgot about his partner.

Red Tape wasted no time wrapping her quarry completely in the sticky “tape”, rather like a mummy. Her partner, The Extraordinary Rendition, came walking up beside her. The front of his suit was soaked in sweat.

“You’re losing it,” said Red Tape.

“She was fast,” said The Extraordinary Rendition “Fast is hard. I’d have gotten her.”

“Maybe I should put in for a new partner?”

“You’re hurtful for no reason.”

The two G.E.N.I.U.S. agents argued whether fast-food pickles counted as a vegetable while they waited for their transport to arrive. Anne-Laure strained in her bonds, but even with her superhuman strength she was unable to break free of the impossibly strong tape. The tape was adhered to the ground, preventing her from rolling. Through the tape she was barely able to make out the conversation of her captors.

“Vinegar is a vegetable too. All of the ingredients are vegetables,” said The Extraordinary Rendition “Something doesn’t stop being a vegetable just because it’s served at a fast food joint.”

Before Red Tape could reiterate her counterpoint, the G.E.N.I.U.S. Prisoner Transport Vehicle arrived. Prying her taped form off the ground, the two agents loaded Anne-Laure into the back of the vehicle.

“The tape breaks down on its own after a few hours,” explained Red Tape “It should be ready to come off right about the time we arrive at the jail, so just sit tight until then.”

With that she closed the door to the PTV and she and her partner got in.

All of this commotion did not go unnoticed. On the ledge of a rooftop several stories above the now-moving vehicle a figure cloaked in blackness receded back into the shadows.

Inside the prisoner-compartment of the PTV, still wrapped in tape, Anne-Laure heard a series of loud clunks, followed by shouting and shortly thereafter the sound of rapt awe and delight. Finally she heard the sound of the door to the prisoner compartment being pulled off its hinges.

A woman dressed in vaguely punkish street clothes stepped into the compartment and sprayed some kind of aerosol onto the mummified Anne-Laure. This served to rapidly dissolve the red tape, and she was soon able to pull herself free. Anne-Laure stood immediately, beyond confused. Her savior picked up on this.

“Confused?” she asked.

“Very,” replied Anne-Laure.

“I’ll give you the short version: you had just been arrested by an army of jackboot supermen for helping people without a licence. Whenever that happens my friends and I like to show up and unarrest them.”

“So those men out there…” began Anne-Laure.

“G.E.N.I.U.S. agents,” said the woman “Don’t worry, they’re fine. They’re having a great time; I gave them all very happy delusions. Come on, we need to get out of here quickly.”

“I guess that means I’m a fugitive now?” asked Anne-Laure.

“Welcome to Nova Roma.”

* * *
Welcome to Nova Roma, the place where heroism and villainy have been institutionalized. Unlicensed vigilante vigilantes who fight crime without a licence are hunted and brutalized by government superteams. Rogue rogues, with simple dreams like world domination, buck against the corporate sell-out supervillains who only care about making money. The city of Nova Roma is the place where the dream of superheroes was born and it seems to be the place where it has chosen to die.

Nova Roma is a new darkly absurdist superhero setting for Heroes Wear Masks. Mixing absurdist superhero parody with dark satire, Nova Roma presents an alternate history in which superheroes have been fully assimilated into modern society and the strange is taken for granted (and has to wait in line like everyone else).

This book contains everything you need to run a Nova Roma campaign, including:

-A detailed look at the history, districts and environs of the city of Nova Roma, the cradle of superhumanity.
-Details on the major NPCs, Organizations and Institutions.
-New Powers and other crunchy bits to add a dash of strange to your character.
-Advice on GMing Action/Comedy.

Also be on the lookout for further sourcebooks in the Nova Roma line, including the upcoming Innsmouth Superprison.

 Post subject: Re: Welcome To Nova Roma
PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:35 am 

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Most interesting take for a super city setting. I will have to take a look.

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