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Adventure #1 update
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Author:  hemdog560 [ Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Adventure #1 update

So there were some issues with the first adventure which we have updated. This will make it a little bit easier to get through the adventure and reach set quests.

here also is some hints to help out.

1) Stars burn bright in the night.
2) Stars have five points.
3) There are five flames.
4) Look to the center.
5) Draw a star between the points where the five Flame quests occurred. The Final Quest location is located in the center.

1) There is a certain encounter in the woods.
2) Some things are random.
3) What do elves like?
4) Can you be charming?
5) To enter the elven settlements, you first need permission from the elves. In order to get that permission, you must meet an elven patrol, which is a random encounter when traveling in elven lands. Impress them enough, and they will give you one-time permission to enter their territory. Once within their settlements, you can begin taking quests from them and earning points in Ancients, which - if you earn enough - will eventually allow you permanent access to elven territory.

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