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 Post subject: Re: One Knight Games
PostPosted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:57 am 

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Hey great you like then games. Ok lets answer all of these at once.

1. If a game isn't using the Power Attribute can a player reduce it to -1 for 2 more points?

As always in the end its up to you how and whys of playing any game. In this case you can go either way. I would just keep it at the base cost of shown.

2. Concerning Attributes it says an Attribute rank of 0 means you roll a D8 seeing as you can't have a skill higher than the attribute. Under Skills it says you roll a D10 for each rank in a skill and add your skill rank. If you have an Attribute higher than 0 but not the skill do you roll a D8 or a D10 and add nothing?

You would still only roll 1D8

3. I find the wording on skill rolls confusing in several places it says to roll a number of D10 equal to your skill rank and in others it says to add your skill rank to 1D10. In my experience rolling a number of D10 adding your skill rank to each and only keeping the highest roll works if you want the players to succeed more than not and rolling 1D10+ the skill rank makes the more difficult rolls, well more difficult. The specific example for climbing does say to roll a D10 and add the 3 skill ranks but in several other places (the skill descriptions most notably) it says the skill rank is the number of dice to roll.

It is always a single Dice plus any modifiers. So 1D10+3 would be the correct way. Once again to make is easier, ya you could roll several dice and pick the best. which would make the game easier.

4. The skill difficulty table and the example of skill use is a little confusing as well. The example difficulty is written 12+ but it also says the player needs a 13+. Does this mean the values on the table need to be exceeded to pass? I always assumed 12+ meant 12 or higher.

It should read equal to, or higher.

5. The Awareness skill seems to have the description of another skill appended to it which I am guessing should be with the Athletics skill. Also the table for the effects of the Evade skill is with the Tracking skill.

Ya crappy work on my part. I was rushed with these rules and did not look them over as well as I should have. I will make the correction this week if I get the time.

6. The 4th level Fire spell gives a +4 Flaming advantage does that add to both the attack and damage or just the damage?

The 4th level Water Spell Ice Lance does 1Dd+3 is that supposed to be 1D6+3?

The 1st and 5th level Earth Spells add to all Physicals skills does the player add the bonus even to skills they doesn't have i.e. D8+2/+4? Can these benefit another character? If so what happens if cast on someone with a Physical -1?

The 4th level Earth spell Stone Skin gives Defense rank 8 but the cantrip gives +3 defense ranks and seeing as the base defense is 6 it appears the second most powerful spell is 1 point weaker than the most basic one. Is it suppose to add 8 defense ranks?

+4 Flaming adds to damage only.

Earth spells add to all skill rolls, even those you do not have. You could cast it on someone else, just add the mod to the roll along with all other you need to add.

Not well thought out I think, +8 would be too much. Try adding +5 when the spell is cast and see how that works.

7. There is a note that says a character without the skill for the weapon they are using only does 1 point of damage. Does this mean someone with Physical 0 wielding a longsword would roll a D8 to hit and only do 1 point of damage?


8. Straight Ahead says "maintains the same relative position" which confuses me. I assume you advance a number of squares equal to your movement with no increase in difficulty.

Drift says you can change 1 square safely but Hard Drift says "more than 2" I am assuming that should be 2 or more instead.

Veer mentions small squares but nowhere else does. Are they in the specific games?

Collisions talk about cumulative control rolls which I am guessing are the same as the previous cumulative difficulty modifiers

Straight ahead mean a line forward with no drift or turns.

Correct on the drift question. It is 2 or more.

Ignore small squares, it was from an older version of the system.

Correct on the collision question.

I hope these helped out.

Tell us how your game when, we would love a game report or two.

We just released the last one of the products, so I will some time soon put them in large bundles for sell.

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